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3 Reasons Convenience Fees Are Good for Carriers and Policyholders

The growing number of policyholders paying their premiums by credit card is creating an ever-growing mound of credit card processing costs for carriers, cutting their margins and hurting their bottom lines. The best way to overcome these rising

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Are You Treating the Payments Process as a Customer Experience?


Amazon one-click shopping has trained consumers to expect a certain buying experience, no matter what they are buying. So why aren’t insurers providing a positive digital payment experience to retain policyholders and attract new ones?

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Webinar Recap: Payments - The Most Frequent and Forgotten Interaction

This blog is a recap of a webcast hosted by Insurance Innovation Reporter and sponsored by One, Inc. The webinar, titled, ‘Payments: The Moments of truth That Make or Break Customer Retention,’ took place on Thursday, January 25th. To access the

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Why Insurers are Dumping Generic Payment Processing

I recently moved from Washington state to California. The moving truck driver—an owner-operator—was from Boston and ended up stuck on the west coast for two weeks because it was over Thanksgiving. Obviously, he wasn’t home to get his mail during

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Stepping off the Curb: Insurers at the Intersection of Insurtech and Core

While it’s clear that the insurtech movement is a force to be reckoned with, the long-term results of the collaboration between innovation, technology start-ups and insurers remains to be seen. On the bright side, factions from both sides share the

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